Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mongolian company TECHNOLOGY is engaged in the development, manufacture and construction of frame and beam houses. Here you can order the construction of a house on your site. In our catalog there are more than 30 modern houses of different price category. We also make houses for individual projects.
To create houses we use advanced technologies and modern equipment, which allows us to achieve high quality products. We have:
– The tree is procuring;
– Wood processing industry (where we produce the entire range of sawn timber used for the construction of houses;
– Joinery production;
– Drying complex;
– Shop for the production of plastic windows;
– Roofing shop for the production of metal and professional sheet
House kits are manufactured only in our company, without the involvement of contractors, which ensures high quality.
The main value of “TECHNOLOGY” is its employees. The company employs more than 2000 people. The founders of the company took part in the formation of gardening and cottage construction in 1990. Some of our employees have more than 20 years of experience. Our experts have developed and patented improvements in building elements that are used in the construction of a house.
Thanks to all the above factors, the company ships dozens of high-quality houses daily. Everything that the Company does is done by people and for people.


Guarantee for some items up to 30 years. The availability of its service center allows you to carry out quality warranty service.
A wide range of additional services (at an adequate price) allows you to complete your dream house “on a turn-key basis”.
The quality of the houses corresponds to the exhibition samples. The control is carried out at all stages of manufacturing the house. To make the acceptance of the house you will be assisted by the controller, who will leave for the site upon completion of the construction.
The presence of two exhibition grounds in Moscow, where more than 30 houses are built.
Presence of gifts, bonuses and shares.
No prepayment. A deposit on the house is 10% of the cost of the order and you only need to pay the remaining amount after taking the house.
Most importantly, we know and can build houses for life.