Android OS
Android OS

Sometimes the built-in microphone on a laptop or PC breaks down, but the portable simply does not. But the connection needs to be maintained somehow. Then the usual Android-smartphone can come to the rescue. No doubt, many users asked themselves: “Is it possible, and if possible, how to connect the phone as a microphone to a PC?” Yes, you can. And to make it simple enough. And for this there are several programs.

WO Mic

How to connect your phone as a microphone? The first option is with the help of the program WO Mic. The application is available in the Play Store for free. It has been downloaded more than a million times, which clearly gives a clear idea of the relevance of this utility.
It allows you to connect your smartphone to a personal computer using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a regular USB connection. In order for the communication between the smartphone and the PC to be successful, you need to download the drivers to the computer and the client himself. This is a prerequisite.
Then you need to click the Start button on the Smartphone and Connect in the window that opens on the computer monitor.
When using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-connections, it is worth considering that both the PC and the smartphone should work from the same network: from the same Wi-Fi. But this is just one example of how to connect your phone as a microphone. There are a couple of alternative ways, the first of which is similar to the above, and the second – completely different from both of them.

How to connect the phone as a microphone using the “Microphone” program from developer Gaz Davidson? Even easier than in the previous case. Only need a four-pin audio cable with the same plugs at the ends: 3.5 mm audio connectors (same as those installed on headphones).
In this case, simply connect one end of the wire to the smartphone, the other – to the personal computer, and then the PC will start reading the voice recorded on the microphone of the phone. This program makes the question “how to connect the phone as a microphone to a computer” is slightly more than completely irrelevant.

What problems can arise?
Even if the user correctly fulfills all the conditions set and runs the programs in the required sequence, the result will still not be guaranteed. Perhaps (but not necessarily!), The program may require root-rights, as in fact the PC system, whether Windows or Mac OS, should penetrate Android OS and start capturing sound from the microphone of the smartphone. It is unlikely that in most standard firmware from official developers this is allowed by default. After all, these actions clearly violate the security of Android and jeopardize the confidentiality of data stored on the device.

How to make a microphone from a phone? You can connect to it another quality microphone. Why not?
You can buy an adapter for Jack – audio / video connectors – and connect to it some lavalier microphone. The problem is only one thing: the microphone may not work at all this way. And it does not even depend on the presence or absence of root-rights. They are not needed here.
The fact is that some smartphones with the external headset integrated into the headphones continue to record sound from the main microphone, and some start to record sound from the microphone of the headset.
To check whether it is possible to connect an external microphone to the smartphone, just connect any headphones with a headset to the phone and check whether the sound is recorded.
If the answer is positive, then you can safely purchase an adapter and an external headset, if not – do not waste money on anything. You need to look for another way.
By the way, on an iOS device, an external microphone can not be connected unambiguously. Developers from Apple are generally famous for making their OS as closed as possible for external impact. This applies to any accessories that somehow can harm the security of the system.