Android Pay
Android Pay

Most recently, in May this year, Russians were able to learn the technology of contactless payments on phones running the Android operating system. The main competitors Apple Pay and Samsung Pay started six months earlier, but the huge coverage of devices that support Android Pay can play into the hands of Google and help it to win a new audience. In this article, we will consider a new application for Android smartphones. How Android Pay works, how it differs from its competitors, whether it is safe to use it and what difficulties users of the service had to face.

System requirements

For starters, it’s worth finding out which devices Android Pay works on. The demands made by Google are not too high. Your phone should have an NFC chip (for making payments) and Android version 4.4 (for installing the Android Pay application). It seems that everything is simple, but in fact there are a number of limitations that can prevent you from enabling Android Pay:

First, the service only works on those gadgets that operate under the official firmware (versions for developers and little-popular assemblies are not supported).
Secondly, there is a list of smartphones on which it is impossible to enable Android Pay. This Nexus 7, Elephone P9000, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Light and S3.
As for the terminals, then everything is quite simple. To pay for any terminal that supports PayPass or PayWave technology. Such terminals are installed in almost any, not even the most prestigious store or point of sale.

What banks and maps does it work with?
Just like in the case of other payment systems, Android Pay started only with a part of banks operating in Russia. Fortunately, among them are all the most popular institutions in high demand: Raiffeisen Bank, Russian Standard, Rocket Bank, Discovery, Sberbank, Tinkoff, a number of other lesser-known organizations and a payment service from Yandex “. With the shops the situation is not worse. Almost all popular retail chains showed interest in the new technology and committed to supporting its work. This is quite natural, since these same networks are already working with Apple and Samsung.

How to connect?
On which phones Android Pay works, we now need to connect this service. If you already paid for any of the Google services and tied your bank card to your Google account, then by installing the Android Pay app, you’ll immediately find them in the list. If there are no bound cards, then you will have to enter all the details yourself. You can use the built-in credit card scanner, but it often makes mistakes with the number (it’s unclear why Google could not bring the technology to mind).
Before you add the card, do not forget to set the password on your device, otherwise Android Pay will respond with an error and prohibit paying anything. After adding a card, you will need to confirm it. You can confirm the card by SMS or by calling the bank’s technical support service and verifying that you are connecting your card to the mobile payment system. For confirmation from you will take 30 rubles, but after a while they will return.

Your card data is stored on Google servers and encrypted securely on them. For payment, not your real requisites are used, but specially formed sets of digits are tokens. This does not mean that you need a permanent connection to servers to work. No, tokens are created on servers, but then uploaded to each individual device and stored there until there is any payment. In devices from Apple and Samsung to store tokens assigned a separate physical space, which significantly increases the level of security. Plus, Android Pay, one way or another, will ask for access to the Internet when the token ends in the device, and this is a significant drawback.

To make each purchase, you will have to enter the password, key code or attach a finger to the fingerprint scanner (it all depends on what method of protection is used on your phone). If you disable any of the locking methods, then all data relating to your bank cards will be destroyed. If the gadget has been lost or stolen, then it is possible to remotely erase the information about the attached cards. In general, for safety you should not worry.