Beeline is a trademark of VimpelCom, which began its existence in 1992. During its activity, the company has diligently invested not only in the quality of communication and the Internet, not only in equipment, but also in professionals serving a multi-million army of subscribers in Beeline offices in Moscow, Russian regions and in other countries of the world.

Round-the-clock service
The Moscow pace and rhythm of life forced the management of VimpelCom, which represents the Beeline trade mark, to significantly increase office hours. In total, in Moscow offices “Beeline”, translated into a 12-hour day, 120. They are located in different parts of the metropolis. Now Moscow residents with an unlimited working schedule will be able to apply to the offices of the company “Beeline” until 22:00 hours daily. Central office “Beeline” in Moscow on the street. Tverskaya-Yamskaya (Mayakovskaya metro station) – round-the-clock. Periodically, in the offices of “Beeline” in the capital, contests and jokes are held.

Beeline Headquarters
The headquarters of Veon Ltd, a subsidiary of which is VimpelCom, is located in the capital of the Netherlands – the city of Amsterdam. Communication services “Beeline” provides in 14 countries, and this is more than 223 million subscribers.
The company actively takes employees to Beeline sales offices in Moscow, as well as in other regions of Russia (except for the Crimea and Sevastopol). Also, employees are required to the Support Center. The candidature is considered no more than a day. But the selection itself is conducted in several stages, so only proven people work in the company, the strengths of which are taken into account and involved.
New employees are supervised by more experienced specialists. After a month of training, they are tested to determine how highly customer-oriented. Also, Beeline employees, both new and more experienced, are cultivating themselves in training.
What is surprising, the company “Beeline” does not criticize the transition from one workplace to another. And any employee can switch to a similar open post in any city after passing the competition and winning it.

After a remote interview, the employees are invited to the central office of Beeline in Moscow. And if the result for the employee is ultimately positive, the company will pay for renting an apartment and will help the employee and his family relocate in every possible way.
The company “Beeline” provides its employees with inexpensive meals in Moscow by the standards for lunch. Provide delicious and extensive lunches in the cafeteria of the head office, where visitors can also have a snack.

Employees of the company in the head office are entitled not only to comfortable working conditions in the office, but also to rest. In doing so, they can play in an air hockey, a game console, etc. This is not to mention the frequent trainings and three major holidays, which are celebrated by the whole company – Beeline Birthday, New Year and Open Dialogue with top managers.
With such a careful attitude of management to their employees, the desire of the latter to work for the benefit of the company and customers only increases.

Addresses of offices “Beeline”
Office “Beeline” in Moscow by metro stations can be found on the official website of the company. There you can even use a map, on which they are all marked. The phones of Beeline’s offices in Moscow are also listed on the company’s website.
One of the most important offices in Moscow is the Center on the street. Krasnoproletarskaya, 4 and on the street. Serpuhovskaya, 6. There you can leave a resume to try to get a job in the company. Some addresses of own offices of “Beeline” can be found in the table.
The main office of “Beeline” in Moscow is located near the metro stations “Airport” and “Dinamo” at the address: st. 8 March, 10, p. 14.
Use the company’s services such as: to connect to the Beeline, buy a phone or tablet and accessories to them, consult, change the tariff and resolve any questions regarding the connection of Beeline, you can in any other office.
To find the addresses of the offices of “Beeline” in Moscow, you need to go to the site Usually you need to specify a location for search, but for Moscow this is not required, because the site automatically chooses the capital.
The most serious competitors of Beeline are the two largest mobile operators in Russia – MTS and MegaFon. In order to continue to hold one of the leading positions, Beeline tries not to allow, first of all, outflow of subscribers to other operators. To this end, the company solves not only technical issues, such as speeding up the Internet and improving cellular