CDMA standard
CDMA standard

If we completely decipher the full abbreviation of these four letters (CDMA), then we will get the following words – Code Division Multiple Access. And even when we decipher this value, translating it into a language we understand, we can not understand much from this. We note that if we translate this phrase from English, we will get the fact that this is a system of a large amount of code-division access. This is what CDMA phones are all about. They are becoming more popular today. And this is not surprising. In more detail, what is this, CDMA-phones, we will discuss further in our article.

What is a CDMA type phone?
In order to understand the whole essence of this technology, which is completely not simple, we can draw a certain analogy. It is through her that we understand in general terms what the given thing is. All will be much more convenient and legible, if you draw an analogy with this standard phone. As we all know, there are several mobile connections, the most common of them are GSM and NMT.

NMT communication
So, let’s analyze what it is, CDMA-phones. In many countries it is with the help of the NMT-connection of a mobile phone that many operators have started their work. Then they used the so-called private separation of certain channels. Based on this, we can understand that each direct subscriber was given a rather narrow aspect of frequencies. It was through this that he could conduct his communication. It was recently rendered unusable. And for what reason. Imagine that on one square meter there are 3 people, and each of them actively communicates by phone. There is absolutely no comfort. And now they have gone to a sufficient distance to not hear each other.
This explains the frequency division of the channels. This is what CDMA phones use. It is through this comparison that in general some details become clear.

Digital standard in the form of GSM
This standard of digital communication we use in everyday life. In various countries, it still has a direct function. This system in turn uses a different frequency range in a different way. Communication of this type does not divide a certain range into specific parts for every user. But the program does this at a certain point in time. This is a temporary separation of the channels we need. That is, a certain pair of people say at a certain time, which is necessary for them, and the other couple speaks in due time, and at the same time, without creating discomfort for other people. Approximately for such a system, CDMA telephones also carry out their direct work. But we will discuss this in more detail in the next section.

CDMA communication standards
So, we smoothly got to the standard we needed. It, in turn, uses a certain range as the previous type of connection, but does it somewhat differently. For example, due to a certain code division. What is the code division in this case is difficult to imagine, so let’s return to the analogy. If people talk around and interfere with a friend – it’s bad, but if every couple of people speaks their own language, that is, some – in Russian, others – in English, and so on. This is exactly the relationship with the code communication. Now we in general are aware of what it is, CDMA phones. But still, this information is not available to us in as much detail as we would like.

The history of the best connection to date
The services of various pretty serious operators, after all, along with CDMA was also Intertelecom, began to be provided back in 2000. Everyone understands that then the cost of the phones was great, and finding a terminal was also not easy. But nevertheless the given communication had the demand, though small. Each operator at that time had its own set of services, with which it attracted customers. This operator developed gradually, and throughout all these years its cost of connection has significantly decreased, and the quality of services has not ceased to grow. This attracted more and more customers every year. To date, we have a fairly small price, with a lot of benefits.
Also worth noting is the assortment of this type of communication, because you can choose for yourself the rate that is most suitable for you.

Advantages of communication of this type
CDMA-phones have been used quite extensively and are very popular. From this we can understand that there are really many advantages in this form. The stationary CDMA-phone includes a wide range of services with the help of this connection, we will consider it in more detail.
1. First of all, it is necessary to note the quality of communication. It is in this case that this quality represents the highest parameters from all possible types of communication. With such a connection, you will hear a person with such quality, as if he is standing right in front of you. And this will contribute to the fact that even unidentified numbers you can only distinguish at the expense of a person’s voice on the other side of the telephone connection.
2. This connection is perfectly protected from different levels of wiretapping, which can not but please the consumer. CDMA-phones have in their assets such equipment, which is not so easy to listen to. In order to ensure listening to a particular phone, you need to have equipment worth several tens of thousands of US dollars.
3. The station of this operator can in turn provide communication to a larger number of subscribers than other operators similar to it.
4. As for the rays emitted by CDMA mobile phones, this aspect of this type of communication represents a smaller amount of ray data. And it can not but rejoice.

The information on what these CDMA phones are is fully disclosed. Now you own complete information about this device and its immediate features. So, CDMA-phone allows you to choose the right operator yourself, as well as the attracted tariffs for calls, as well as access to the Internet. Therefore , it is possible to proceed to the operators of this type of communication without hesitation.