How to choose an electric shock
How to choose an electric shock

The principle of operation of electric shocks for most people is to press a special key and the next current that sends a person unconscious for a few minutes. In practice, the device and the mechanism of action of such instruments are somewhat different. The feedback of someone who has already used it will help you figure out which models are best suited for self-defense and what parameters are worth paying attention to.

A bit of theory
The power of the electroshock selector depends on the voltage and current. For this reason, high output voltages are not always a guarantee of effectiveness of self-defense – such devices, as a rule, can only scare a bright spark and a loud crack, no more.
About the electric shock tip often contains information that the voltage of the device, depending on the model, varies from 50 to 200 kilovolts. Its magnitude should be sufficient to bring the electrical discharge to the body.

The shocker must have the following parameters:

* Causing pain that persists for a long time after the end of the device. This effect disables the enemy and prevents him from attacking again.
* The effect of electric current leads to muscle cramps and subsequent paralysis.
* Decreased reaction speed, loss of orientation, possible loss of consciousness.

Degree of defeat
When choosing an electric shocker, you must pay attention to its level of damage. In practice, the action of the shocker may vary depending on certain circumstances.
In the recall of the electroshock, the average user indicates that the effect the device provides depends on the amount of clothing worn per person. For the current, the fur coat or cotton T-shirt will not be an obstacle, unlike a leather jacket and an extra layer of things.
The effectiveness of the shocker depends on the pain threshold of the person and the charge tolerance. For example, an attacker weighing 60-65 kg electric shock will quickly fall off his feet, while the opponent several times heavier will only provoke and anger.
Nervous state also affects the effectiveness of the shocker: if the person to whom the device is used, there is a narcotic or alcoholic intoxication or the release of adrenaline into the blood, the shocker may not act or not have the proper effect.

How to choose an electric shocker
Self-defense specialists and ordinary users about such an adaptation as an electric shocker, the response is largely positive, but all agree on one thing: when choosing and buying, do not pay attention to the advice of sellers, as they are interested in selling the most expensive model.
Before buying, the seller must provide a technical passport and an electric shock certificate. All information about it is indicated in these documents.

Electro-shock “Wasp” 1101
The “Wasp” 1101 is an electric shocker of the second class, released in 2013. A distinctive feature of the stunner is a metal high-strength casing, due to which the device can be used as a shock force – to break glass or to stun a criminal.
Judging by the positive feedback about the “Wasp” 1101 flashlight, it surpasses many of its analogues in terms of parameters and impact. The requirements for modern protection devices are fully observed by the manufacturer of the “Wasp” stunner. At the same time, the device is priced at an affordable price.

Advantages of the “Wasp” 1101
1. Disorientation of the attacker for a long period of time.
2. Built-in LED flashlight. Its power is enough to illuminate a large area. It can also be used to dazzle the attacker.
3. Simplicity and ease of operation. Even a child can use the shocker.
4. Compact size and light weight allow you to carry the electric shock “Wasp” 1101 in your pocket.
5. The energy-intensive battery. A full charge of the battery is enough for autonomous operation for several months.