air conditioner car
air conditioner car

Until recently, air conditioning in a car was considered a luxury and was installed mainly on business and premium cars. Now the climate system is even on budget cars. Air conditioning is a very useful option, especially on hot, hot days. The machine heats up very hot under the sun (even toning does not save). And with the windows open, it’s not very comfortable to drive. But as practice shows, the inclusion of this system benefits not only in summer, but also in winter. Is it possible to turn on the air conditioner in the winter in the car, and how to do it right without damaging the car? We will talk about this in our today’s article.

How it works?
This system consists of several elements:
* The compressor.
* Salon radiator (evaporator).
* Drain holes.
* Receiver-dehydrator.
* External radiator (condenser).
* Expansion valve.
* Connecting pipes and sealing elements

The principle of the car air conditioner is no different from a domestic refrigerator. Thus, in both cases, the work is based on the transition of freon from the liquid state to the gaseous state. Freon constantly circulates through the system, ensuring the absorption of a large amount of heat. The system can also give off heat. In this case, warm air will come from the air conditioner. But, regardless of the climate settings, the refrigerant on the way to the compressor should only be in the gaseous state. Even a small volume of liquid Freon threatens to break the mechanism. In this regard, the system uses different sensors that control the heating. Based on these readings, the system can forcibly turn off the compressor.

It is also recommended to monitor the level of Freon in the system. Its volume for the winter period is reduced by about 5-10 percent. How can I resume it? To do this, the machine is connected to a specialized stand, where the system is first checked for leaks, and then a new refrigerant is pumped in. The cost of such a service at the SRT is about one thousand rubles with diagnostics.

About prevention
Over time, the motor system breaks down the climate system. Experts say that the duration of operation is significantly affected by the duration of downtime. The longer you do not use the air conditioner for heat or cold, the higher the risk of its breakdown. Do I have to turn on the air conditioner in the winter? Below we will discuss this problem in detail.

Why is simple dangerous?
Many use air conditioners without heating. Thus, the system is active only in the period from May to September. The remaining months it is in a “frozen” state. This is very harmful to the system. The fact is that the nodes of the air conditioner are covered with oil film. When not in use for a long time, the oil flows down to the lower point of the system. Because of this, all the air conditioner elements for the first time will run dry. And the more time the climate control was not used, the less lubricant there will be.
Thus, the system produces dust and dust, which then spreads through the entire system. This dust can stay on the walls even after flushing and replacing the compressor.
The next moment is the tubes and seals. Do I have to turn on the air conditioner in winter? If you do not use it often, the tubes will dry up and crack. Also condensate will appear in the system. After a long period of inactivity, the air conditioner will blow an unpleasant odor. It will be necessary to treat the evaporator with various antiseptics. But to get to the node, you have to disassemble the front panel of the car.

About periodicity of use
When can I turn on the air conditioner? Experts say that the maximum duration of downtime is up to two weeks. Then, the processes that are disastrous for the system begin.
They cause cracking of tubes, oil starvation and unpleasant smells due to accumulated condensate. Do I have to turn on the air conditioner in winter for a long time? Producing prevention, it’s enough 10-15 minutes of the system. During this period, the oil level will resume and the accumulated condensate will disappear.

How to use it correctly?
Considering the question whether it is possible to turn on the air conditioner in the winter in a car, we will highlight several important points in the course of preventive measures:
* The system should be started at a temperature not lower than -5 degrees Celsius. Switch on the air conditioner only on a warm engine and in conjunction with the stove. Why so? The fact is that moisture evaporates on the evaporator. It does not have time to melt at too low temperatures. And starting the system on a cold engine is fraught with the ingress of ice crystals into the air conditioner units. This leads to its immediate breakdown.
* Along with the air conditioning, it is necessary to include the recirculation mode. This is done in the absence of passengers in the cabin (otherwise recycling will give a greenhouse effect). This is a mandatory measure. In this case, the air for the air conditioner will not be taken from the street, but from the cabin, where it is warmer. This will contribute to accelerated warm-up of the system.