Motorola RAZR V3
Motorola RAZR V3

In 2004, the Motorola RAZR V3 phone was the dream of every second domestic consumer. Of course, among all models of this manufacturer, this device is the key. More than 130 million units have been sold since the year 2006. If you look at the history of mobile devices, then, unquestionably, the model RAZR V3 is the best-selling “clamshell”. Many users now compare it by popularity with Apple products.
The developer focused on design. The technologies used at that time also took up not the last place in providing increased consumer demand. At that time it was said that the RAZR V3 phone was designed only for wealthy people who understand beauty.

Short introduction
“Motorola RAZR V3” is a normal phone for making calls and sending messages. Produced by the company in 2004. I was proud to be the flagship. Against the background of the models of other brands, it stood out with an unusual design. The developers gave the customer a “clamshell” phone with a very thin profile. The keyboard also attracted attention. It is made of a metal plate. For convenience of use there is electroluminescent illumination.
The name of this phone was not chosen by chance. In English, the word razor stands for “razor”. But if you look at the device, the metal case of a small thickness resembles this device.

Modification Black
The classic version of the Motorola RAZR V3 phone is the device with a silver casing. However, the manufacturer also released a black version, which was specially designed as a gift for the Oscar ceremony. Initially, this modification was distributed only in North America, and in limited quantities. But a little later it became available in other countries. Special differences from the silver version of black does not, only in color.

Hot Pink version
After the successful launch of the classic version of Motorola RAZR V3 was released in pink. The presentation of the model took place in October 2005. It quickly gained popularity among the female half of the population. Officially, the model was called RAZR V3 Pink. However, some operators sold it with the Magenta prefix.

Miami Ink Collection
In 2006, Motorola RAZR V3 acquired a unique design. Operator T-Mobile USA offered the buyer a phone with an unusually decorated case. It was engraved in the form of a tattoo. The drawing was developed by professional artist Amy James. He was a real pro and a connoisseur of his business, at that time was the star of a reality show called Miami Ink.
The manufacturer with great pleasure accepted such an updated solution. The tattoo was applied to the body with laser engraving.

What are the technical characteristics of this model? The first thing the buyer pays attention to is the screen. It is worth noting that the phone is equipped with two displays. The diagonal of the main was 2.22. The resolution is not very large, but in such phones it is not uncommon. The picture is displayed in the format 220 × 176 px. Unfortunately, the technology of those times did not allow creating screens with impeccable quality. The clarity and contrast of the image are quite acceptable, but you can see the pixelation with the naked eye. The level of color rendition was limited to 262 thousand shades.
The external display is small. Its type is STN. Permits of 96 × 80 px were enough to make the information readable. It is colored, supports more than four thousand shades.

Equally important in any mobile phone is the battery. “Motorola RAZR V3” is equipped with a battery, whose capacity was 680 milliamps per hour. The battery is made in compliance with lithium-ion technology. In standby mode, the phone can work up to 280 hours. Fans of long conversations will have to charge the battery after about 5 hours.
This unit has a camera. With its help you can take pictures and record video clips. The resolution of the latter is limited to 176 × 144 px. The quality of the images will be slightly better – 640 × 480 px. The camera is not equipped with a flash and autofocus, which significantly affects the quality. You can take pictures only in good light.
To work with the phone, the manufacturer has provided a storage for the built-in memory. Its amount available to the user will be a little more than seven megabytes.
There are two ways to transfer data to the device: one is wired (mini-USB), the other is wireless (Bluetooth). There is also a GPRS module. The phone catches the network perfectly, it works with SIM cards of the standard size. According to users, there are no failures with receiving a signal.

If you examine the experts’ reviews, we can conclude that the “clamshell” “Motorola RAZR V3” is an image device. Its main purpose is to allocate a special status of the owner. Unfortunately, the main attention was paid to the design, which could not but affect the technical characteristics. According to experts, they are not so outstanding. Most owners have long been accustomed to the features of the interface.
The most significant drawback of this model is the camera. At that time in the market of mobile devices there were already enough devices that were equipped with optics with a higher resolution. But anyway, the RAZR V3 is recognized as the cult cellular phone of the world.