Digital TV
Digital TV

Despite the fact that access to the Internet is cheaper, technologies are becoming more sophisticated, and wireless networks have become commonplace, users still have problems with choosing a reliable and high-quality provider. The one that will connect the Internet and TV will set up, will provide high speed and continuous access to the network. In this article we will talk about one of the largest and most popular providers in Russia – NetByNet (“Netbaynet”). User reviews, provider services and tariffs – about all this later in the review.

Provider “Netbinet”
NetByNet (“Netbaynet”) is one of the largest companies in Russia engaged in the development of communications, providing services for connecting to the Internet and digital television. The company was established more than 10 years ago. Several communication operators and Internet providers participated in its foundation, whose union allowed to create one of the most successful and popular brands in the communications field. Provider “Netbaynet” offers its customers a wide range of services, including mobile Internet access and simple systems for remote monitoring of the house. Later, Netbaynet became part of Megafon. And even later, together with a joint effort, a significant product in the field of telecommunications was created – Wifire TV, which is used by more than 50,000 subscribers. Even such an ambitious project, As providing the entire transport network of Moscow with free Internet is the business of the company “Netbinet”. In this material, we will consider in more detail the services offered by the provider, the cost of tariffs and feedback about “Netbaynet” from the company’s subscribers.

Home Internet
The service to connect to the Internet from Netbaynet (NetByNet) is offered under the Wifire brand. The operator offers several tariffs to connect the home network and provides users with all the necessary equipment. To connect, just select the tariff you like and leave an application on the official website of the company. Also there is an opportunity to create your own complex of services for connection of an individual tariff.

Tariffs for home Internet
Tariffs “Netbinet” on the home Internet (paid monthly) are as follows:
400 mnt- 50 m / bit per second;
600 mnt- 100 M / bit per second;
800 mnt- 150 M / bit per second;
1750 mnt- 300 M / bit per second.

Mobile Internet
At present, access to the Internet at home is not enough. Every user needs constant access to mail, instant messengers and social networks. You can connect the services of Netbaynet in your phone or tablet using a special SIM card designed for tablet computers and smartphones from different manufacturers. To support high-speed network, the provider uses the LTE protocol. The fastest and most stable technology from the existing. For connection it is necessary to leave an application on the company’s website. The “Netbaynet” courier will bring you a sim card to any point of the city (if you want, you can pick it up yourself in any office of the provider). After that, you need to insert the sim card into your gadget and activate it (for activation, just open any web browser).

Wifire TV
Digital TV Netbinet is very different from what the provider’s competitors offer. Television in the classical sense is completely outdated, and in the company “Netbinet” it is understood. Therefore, the company’s engineers have created a new format, which is completely controlled by the user and is available in any place where there is access to the Internet. Wifire TV can be used on smart TVs from Samsung and LG (you need to download a special application), on mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone, and on any TV set, if you connect an Apple TV set or a prefix from Netbaynet . When using Wifire TV, you completely control the viewing process. You can put the air on pause at any time. It is possible to record a new episode of your favorite TV series and watch it for the next 3 days from the moment the series was aired. If you do not have time to start the transfer, you can always click on the “Watch First” button and enjoy the program, making up for the missed moments. For those who own several gadgets and TVs at once, the option “Multiskrin”, which makes it possible to watch serials and TV shows right on the tablet, phone and several TV sets, paying for a single account, is suitable. For those who doubt, there is a trial period of three days. Giving the opportunity to watch TV shows and TV shows immediately on the tablet, phone and several TVs, paying for a single account. For those who doubt, there is a trial period of three days. Giving the opportunity to watch TV shows and TV shows immediately on the tablet, phone and several TVs, paying for a single account. For those who doubt, there is a trial period of three days.