Operator does not catch the network
Operator does not catch the network

Mobile network in the life of modern man occupies an important place. It has become so necessary that sometimes I can not imagine the lack of possibility to phone with a close person, which simply frightens me. Everyone, even in a different city, can communicate with colleagues on work matters or call relatives. Due to cellular communication, during the day all tasks and problems are solved fairly quickly. However, there are situations when you can not make a call, and the message “No signal” appears on the screen.

What to do – does not catch the Megafon network? Why in the age of high technology can you face this kind of problem? Every mobile phone owner wants to know what causes the network to go missing, and how to avoid it?

No network
At present, the towers of the mobile operator Megafon are set practically throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and even beyond its borders. Extremely rare are those areas where there is no coverage completely.
If the phone does not catch the Megafon network, there may be several reasons for this. To say that there is no coverage in this place is possible only if all the people around you do not have a signal. Most often, this problem can be encountered outside the city. Sometimes on those sites that are located in the lowlands, there may also be no coverage of the network.
The “Megaphone” towers in urban conditions are built quite tightly, so with a signal, as a rule, problems do not arise. However, because of the large number of buildings, individual areas with little or no coverage can occur. Concrete partitions serve as a barrier to the propagation of radio waves. In this case, it’s enough to move aside about 10 meters – and there will be no problems with communication.

There is a signal, but it’s impossible to call
You are faced with such a problem when you do not catch the Megafon network. What to do in this situation? The reasons, like their decisions, can be several. For example, interruptions with cellular communication or problems with the mobile device. However, often users are faced with the fact that on the phone screen the signal level though small, but there is. But when you try to send a message or dial the subscriber’s number, except for short beeps, nothing happens. In this case, you can try the following:

*Check the call forwarding service. If it is active, you must type the command ## 21 # and the call key.
*Communication problems can cause FDN mode. If it is enabled, then there are restrictions on working with subscriber numbers. Available for calls will be only those that are listed in a special list on the SIM card.
*If you do not catch the Megafon network, or if the signal is very weak, you can try to restart the mobile device. In this case, it is desirable to remove the SIM card and reinstall it.
*The presence of a black list is displayed on making calls. Most often in this application, a lock is installed on some services. You can check the status and correct the settings in the settings.
*In mobile phones, the function of prohibiting incoming and outgoing calls is provided. It is impossible to dial the number – then you need to see its status.
*If the problem with the signal still remains, you should try to insert your SIM card into another device. If there is no signal on it, you will need to contact any Megafon mobile phone.

3G network. Why does not a SIM card “Megaphone” catch?
Currently, every mobile user knows that 3G is not only a reliable, but also a powerful Internet source. In the event that the network is unstable or completely disappears, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics.

*Most often, when denying access, the reason is a lack of funds on the account or the used traffic limit. To check the status, execute the following commands: * 558 # or * 105 #.
*If the SIM card “Megaphone” does not catch the 3G network while the owner is outside of its region, it is necessary to check the package settings – whether the 3G network is allowed in roaming.
*Apparatus equipped with two ports for sim cards, often have some technical limitations. For example, 3G or 4G support can only be implemented on one of the slots.
*And of course, you can test the device itself. To do this, it is recommended that you first switch to the 2G network and check if it is functioning. After that, activate the function only 3G. Often there are signal failures when the mixed mode is active.