review of the best models
review of the best models

In 2006, Oysters appeared in the automotive electronics markets, the first devices of which were favorably distinguished against the counterparts of other brands and brands.

Oysters Navigators
Automobile navigators produced by Oysters from the first days of their appearance were distinguished by a combination of attractive appearance, high quality, wide functionality and modern materials. The creation of new devices includes the use of innovative developments and achievements in the automotive and automotive field, thanks to which the devices of this brand were able to conquer the world market.

Product range
The first device, which combines 3G-modem with the possibility of using high-speed Internet, appeared in 2010 thanks to the efforts of Oysters developers. The first serial production of navigators was launched in 2012 – the models were equipped with the Android operating system and supported the GLONASS positioning system.
The use of new technologies and unusual solutions made it possible to bring Oysters navigators to the TOP-10 in terms of sales volumes – the company’s products took the eighth place in 2011. Taking into account the specifics of the domestic market, such results proved to be very good even in comparison with other companies engaged in the production of similar equipment. Navigators Oysters, like other devices produced under this brand, are popular and in demand among consumers. They can be found in almost all networks selling electronics.

Oysters Chrom navigators
The Oysters range includes various devices that solve various navigation problems. Given the variety of technologies and the current level of development, positioning devices are increasingly resembling tablet computers, since they have equally wide functionality. Navigators Oysters Chrom 3G have become one of the most extensive rulers. The very first model in it was the device Oysters Chrom 1500.

Technical Parameters Oysters Chrom 1500
The capabilities and cost of the device make it an ideal representative of a budget class. However, with its main task – positioning – the gadget copes surprisingly well. The hardware component of the navigator is Centrality Atlas V processor with 64 MB RAM and 500 MHz clock speed. The 3G Oysters navigator is able to quickly process data and has a good performance, but it is not able to perform two processes at once (for example, to play music and position) due to a small resource of RAM. The rather popular SIRF Atlas V is installed in the navigator as a GPS-receiver. The component is highly reliable.
As a firmware Oysters Chrom navigators installed software “CityGID”, the entire system is controlled by Windows CE 6.0. The gadget has relatively small dimensions: its screen size is only 4.3 inches, but the display clearly displays positioning information or multimedia files. In addition, the compactness of the navigator allows you to use it as a pocket gadget for a short time – it does not have enough autonomous work resources. The additional functionality of the device allows you to listen to music, view photos, videos, text and image files.