Samsung Smart TV
Samsung Smart TV

Setting “Samsung Smart TV” – although a fairly complex operation, but it can cope with even a new and poorly prepared user. It is she who will be presented in a step-by-step manner within the framework of this material.

What to choose?
Setting up Samsung Smart TV can be done in one of two ways:
*Own forces.
*With the involvement of relevant specialists.

In the second case, you need to pay a fairly large amount, and for your needs a TV device will be configured. In the first case, you do it yourself. Although the selling companies are frightened by the complexity of Smart TV, but in fact it is quite possible to do everything without outside help.

General Procedure
The procedure for setting up such a multimedia center is as follows:
1. Assembly and installation of the device.
2. Realization of commutation in full.
3. Inclusion and setting of initial parameters.
4. Search for all available TV channels.
5. Updating the system software and installing all the necessary widgets.
6. Testing the device.

Setting “Samsung Smart TV” begins by selecting the location of the device. In essence, the restriction in this case is from the commutation side. First, in this place there must be at least one free outlet for organizing the power supply of the multimedia device. Secondly, a cable with a TV signal to this place should not be too much without problems.
The last, third restriction comes from the side of access to the Internet. If you plan to use twisted pair for switching, then it should also be stretched to this place without problems. If Wi-Fi is used, the quality of the wireless network signal should be impeccable.
After selecting the place of installation of the multimedia device, we collect it. When mounting on a horizontal surface, we use a complete set of supports and screws. Otherwise, when installing on a vertical wall or other surface, we also purchase an assembly kit and use it.

In order to install Smart TV, all connections must be made. To begin with, the power cord is installed at one end into the power socket of the device. Then, to the ANT IN connector, connect the signal wire with the television channels. At the final stage, if necessary, connect to the port RJ-45 twisted pair. This is done only if it is planned to use it to obtain information from the global web. The configuration of Wi-Fi will be described in the next paragraph.

Setting the initial settings

The next step is to enable and set general parameters for Samsung Smart TV. In the first window of the query, a list of languages ??appears, in which you need to select Russian. Next, you specify the location of the device and the time zone. Also the current date is indicated . All these parameters must be set correctly. Otherwise, some options in the software shell may not work. In addition to this, the wireless connection settings are set. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu (it is called by the button on the console with the image of “gear”). Next, select the sub-item “Network” and specify the parameters of the latter. For wireless connection, the network name, the password that provides access to it, the network address (dynamic or static, The latter must be indicated in the appropriate field). In the case of a wired connection, you only need to set the device address in the local network.

Find channels
The first step in configuring Samsung Smart TV is searching for channels. To do this, go to the menu item “Settings” using the previously mentioned method on the multimedia center . Then select “Channels” and the sub-item “Autotune”. After that, the device will ask you to set the signal source. It can be a regular antenna, a set of satellite equipment, and a cable provider. Once this parameter is set, the process of searching for available TV programs begins. Upon its completion, it is absolutely necessary to keep the list received.

App Store & Widgets
The next step is the update of the system software. To do this, select the menu under the name “Setup” on the included TV, in it we find the sub-item “Update”. We start this procedure and wait for its completion. Exit this menu and go to the menu “Smart TV” (called the button with the image of the “house”). Here we find the sub-item ” Samsung Apps “. Next, install the applications for Samsung Smart at its discretion from it. It is recommended that you pay attention to widgets Ivi and Tvigle. They have a lot of free movies and other content. Also, it will not be superfluous to install Y outube for the same reason . All the rest is already chosen based on their own preferences.
Also in the store there is a detailed description of each application and it needs to be studied in detail before installation. There are third-party application sources, but it is not recommended to use them. They did not pass the check in the company store and could damage the software shell of the TV.

One of the best for today is considered Samsung TV “Samsung Smart TV” Reviews of owners focus on the increased level of functionality of their software and an expanded set of applied software. No other competing platform with such a set certainly can not boast. At the same time, technical specifications are no worse than analogs, and the cost is comparable. So it turns out that the television solutions of this brand in fact, there are no shortcomings.

In this material, the configuration of Samsung Smart TV was gradually and consistently described . There is nothing complicated in this operation. Anyone can definitely deal with it.