Stabilizer for smartphone
Stabilizer for smartphone

Even ultra-budget smartphones already know how to record video in 1080 pixels (1920 × 1080), and the flagships of recent years are shot in 4K (4096 × 3072). The output is a movie with a good picture, high sharpness and a correct white balance. The only thing that telephones often lack is stabilization. Expensive devices are equipped with digital or optical stabilization, and the most premium ones have both. But even Samsung Galaxy S8 can not boast ideally stabilized video.

Twitching interferes with obtaining professional-level materials. However, even with a home viewing look at how the picture jumps, – quite unpleasant. To achieve smoothness, there are several ways. The best result is shown by special stabilizers for the smartphone.

The purpose of the stabilizer for the phone (stedikama)

Whatever the perfect stabilization system was not equipped with a gadget, a smooth image will never work. During walking, running, the apparatus fixed on a stick for selfie or held in hands will be subjected to sharp displacements horizontally and vertically, so the video will turn out to be jerky. Even the most technologically advanced four-axis stabilization, supplemented with electronic, poorly neutralizes jerks when moving to the side. Sometimes the opposite effect is observed – due to strong shaking, electronic processing is used too actively, and as a result, the video will be “jelly”.

Electronic Stabilizers

They will allow for any device to achieve excellent shooting quality. The gadget is a kind of monopod, but with a movable fixative for the smartphone. Previously, they were used only in the field of professional video recording, for example, when shooting movies or TV shows. Now they have fallen in price and are available to all enthusiasts chasing the quality of video content.
Principle of operation
The mechanics of the action of any stabilizer is based on an advanced system of interaction between sensors and motors. The sensors track the direction of motion so that the steeds adjust and always support the device in a horizontal or vertical position. The technology is surprisingly effective, sharp movements do not create shaking. Such a compact device is easy to take with you on the road or travel, then to enjoy beautiful videos at home.

Choosing a steadicam

Thanks to Chinese manufacturers, the price of the stabilizer for a smartphone in recent years has fallen very much. In China, the companies have always been famous for their products, but earlier the creation of steadies in China involved only two companies, now much more. Competition among manufacturers grows, the price falls even lower, the number of available models increases. This trend is beneficial for users, but the question of how to choose a good stabilizer for a smartphone is getting sharper. After all, there are cheap, but not very high-quality models, along with products from well-known manufacturers who have long established themselves and have experience and technology.
The more axles, the better

It is necessary to choose only a three-axis stabilizer for a smartphone. Despite the low price of a two-axis, it is not recommended for acquisition, because it copes with its task by an order of magnitude worse. Especially the cost of a gadget with three axes will in time only decline, due to the failure of most companies to produce morally and technologically obsolete models.

You should look for a stabilizer with a capacious battery

This is a very important criterion. Some models are able to “live” from one charge for 3 hours, others – up to 9 hours. Certain people do not need high autonomy, since they will not be used often. And travelers will appreciate the “long-playing” electronic stabilizer for the smartphone, which will not only work for the most part all day, but also serve as an external battery for the phone. Also important is the type of battery and the method of its charge. Distributed steadicam with non-removable and removable drives, inserted into the handle. Built-in support for recharging via USB, their capacity is greater, and they themselves can charge the smartphone. Replaceable batteries are less energy efficient and less practical because they are removed and placed in a device connected to the outlet.

Important is the type of attachment of the phone

A modern stabilizer for a smartphone can fix a phone of almost any mass and size, starting from a small iPhone SE and ending with a Xiaomi Mi Max 2. It differs only in how it will after coping with stabilization. Because the weight and shape of phones vary greatly. In this connection, it is necessary to search for prototypes with which the tools for stabilizer calibration are included. Although not always necessary, sometimes it is enough to make the settings manually.
More modes – more features

The evolution of technology has allowed creators to add inexpensive 3-axis stabilizers for the smartphone to support multiple modes of operation. The most popular list includes:
Object tracking (face recognition);
Slow turn in the direction of motion of the handle;
Motion timelapse (shooting from several angles and then merging them into a small clip);
remote control;
Panorama (smooth movement of the camera in a circle).

Trifles are more important than they seem

Attention to small details distinguishes good producers from bad ones. Products companies that took care of accessories and software, better and more convenient. To additional pleasant components are, for example, a proprietary application. It allows you to effectively use the stabilizer for your smartphone, it’s easy to switch modes. Travelers come in handy branded cases and other accessories, perfectly fitted under stedikam. Prices for the stabilizer of the smartphone’s camera are not very low, although they will fall over time. But already now it will be possible to choose a good gadget – easy to manage and with a normal lock – even for little money. It will help to make high-quality video recordings without the unpleasant tremor.