The set-top box
The set-top box

Modern TV models are equipped with a large number of options that allow you to watch movies and programs in the highest possible quality. Interactive TV is one of the most popular services offered by the RTC provider. An IPTV set-top box from Rostelecom is purchased at the company’s office along with the contract for the appropriate tariff. At the same time, you can install several consoles, which is useful in the event that the house has several TVs at once. How to connect the prefix “Rostelecom” to the TV and correctly configure it, is described below.

Contents of delivery

The set-top box “Rostelecom” is supplied by the provider in the following configuration:
1. Console.
2. Power Supply. It is connected to the electrical network through a socket.
3. Ethernet cable. It connects to a modem, an optical terminal or a router.
4. Remote control from the prefix “Rostelecom”, which allows you to control the TV.
5. HDMI cable.
6. Batteries.

How to connect the prefix “Rostelecom”
The interactive TV package provided by the RTK provider includes hundreds of high-definition channels, a karaoke collection, the ability to rent movies and record programs and movies. In the office of the provider, a prefix “Rostelecom” is provided, the price of which varies depending on the chosen tariff: “Standard” will cost 4 thousand rubles, “Premium” – at 8700 rubles. Connection and provision of services is provided through the equipment provided at the office of the provider. To clarify the price of the prefix “Rostelecom” it is possible on the official website of the RTK, by contacting the offices or contacting the operator.

The service is activated after purchasing a prefix and making a payment to the subscriber’s account. Connection of the prefix “Rostelecom” to the TV can be performed by both the subscriber and the provider’s technician. The equipment works with the availability of Internet access, power and connecting cables and remote control.
Comes with a set-top box “Rostelecom” is supplied with everything necessary for its operation. The user manual indicates the complete equipment, which must be checked before purchase.

Connection diagram of the console

The set-top box “Rostelecom” is connected via an HDMI cable to the TV. An Ethernet cable is connected to the LAN connector, connecting the prefix to the router. In the set of the prefix “Rostelecom” a power cable is supplied, which is connected to the network.
If there is no HDMI connector on the TV, the connection to the IPTV set-top box is made using the AV adapter. A special adapter for the SCART connector is also included.

Enabling the console

With a paid and activated service, the TV is switched on using the remote control, and the prefix “Rostelecom” itself is from the control panel that comes in the kit. When the receiver is properly connected to the TV, the screen saver appears and the process of downloading the latest software version starts. After the download is complete, you must accept the terms of the offer. The start menu is displayed on the screen, which indicates the availability of the equipment for operation. All the functions of the console are displayed in the menu. On the official website of the RTK you can read about the options, advantages and disadvantages of each of them.
Depending on the specific connector to which the prefix “Rostelecom” was connected, the type of connection is selected when working with the menu.

Features and additional features

An IPTV prefix “Rostelecom” can be connected simultaneously with two TV sets. This is done by connecting the receiver to different connectors: AV and HDMI. Wires of suitable length with insufficient cable length can be purchased at any electronics store.

A similar variant of connection is different in that on both TVs the same channel will be broadcast. If you need to broadcast different channels, then you need to purchase an additional set of equipment.
The user’s manual describes in detail how and where it is best to install a prefix and the conditions for its operation. Before connecting the receiver, it is advisable to read the instructions and strictly follow it – this will extend the period of use of the equipment and help to avoid the costs of repair work.

You can not connect the console to a personal computer using the cables that come with the kit. If there is a connection to the interactive television service, it is enough to download special software and enter user data in the registration fields. After that, access will be made to almost all channels that are broadcast on TV.
“Rostelecom” offers its customers a convenient service – the application “Fun”. It can be downloaded to a computer, tablet or phone. After the introduction of the user’s data, access to the television will be opened. Downloading the application is mandatory – just go to the Zabava page and log in as a client of Rostelecom! On the site you can watch movies and TV shows in high quality.