Unlock the modem for all operators
Unlock the modem for all operators

Unlocking the modem is to unplug the sim card from the operator in any way. The matter is that the most part of devices work on the customized insertions with a binding to the provider. Because of this, the device is not able to function with the cards of other operators. Examples of such modems include products from ZTE, Huawei, MTS and Kyivstar.
In order to make a modem unlock it is necessary to apply a special method. There are both paid options, and free. As an example of the first method, you can call the program DC-UNLOCKER.

Unlock programs
This program of its kind is quite unique. No wires are needed for its operation. All phones and modems it is able to unlock directly from the dialog box of the computer. The software is updated regularly, a huge number of new device models are constantly being added.
In order to make a modem unlock, you need to purchase 7 credits (they cost about 10 dollars). Next, the buyer will receive a login and password, which should be entered in the “Server” section. By pressing the “Unlock” button it will be possible to unlock any modem.
If you have money, you can buy the program itself. It will make money on the unlocking of the modem. This solution will allow you to receive updates for free, but the cost may seem too large.
On the Internet there are hacked versions, so in order to save, they will do the most. But you need to trust the source from which the download is done. Quite often, instead of this program, the so-called killer extends. After using this program, the modem stops working.

Not always free methods are able to help, but still a few working options are available. If they do not work specifically on any modems, then even then you should seek help from either a specialist or the DC-UNLOCKER program. Problems can arise with the devices of Kyivstar and MTS. Unplug the modem and any flashing is prohibited due to the factory lock. How to understand that the device is just such? If IMEI starts at 359, then you need to be alert, – most likely, the modem unlock will be quite difficult. In any case, you can try.
The cheapest and simplest versions are easiest to “free” from binding. They usually require a regular unlock code when you connect someone else’s SIM card. It can both be acquired and calculated using methods on the Internet. Calculators and similar programs are freely available on the Web, so unlocking such a modem does not require much effort and time.

There are models with the prohibition of code entry. Then the program for unlocking the modem Hyperterminal will come to the rescue. It must be activated. In the menu “Start” – “Standard”. In this section you should find “Communication”, exactly where this software is located. After it starts, you need to select your modem in the list and click “Connection”. The lower line appears. In it, you should write the AT command, press the send button.

ZTE MF180 unlocking (“Beeline”)
When connecting a modem to a computer, it is necessary to install software called “USB-modem Beeline”. Unblocking can be done through it, or through some other unofficial utilities, for example, “MTS Connect Manager”. To successfully execute the process, you need a PCUI.VN file that will avoid incompatibility of the versions of the preinstalled software, firmware (about it written above), QPST package. This can all be easily and for a second found on the Internet.
To unlock the ZTE modem, it’s best to use a laptop with an operating system from Windows. First of all, you need to install the QPST application. Next – get all the files from the desired firmware. The modem should be connected to the laptop and installed from the operator. Be sure to go to the device manager and check whether all drivers and virtual utilities are installed for a particular device. Next, you need to remember which COM port is connected to the modem, this is useful when working with QPST. We start the last program, we put into it the connector to which the virtual interface is connected. Next, create a new port. It is synchronized with the COM connector. Next, through the “Standard” in the “Start” menu, you need to start the EFS Explorer. Then, confirm the selected port, and the program will open the modem files. In the device memory must necessarily be a file PCUI.VN. In the event that it is absent, then it should be added. Then you need to drag it into the program window.
Work with the EFS Explorer program is over. Now you need to start the firmware from MTS. It is factory, does not need an additional installation. If there are problems at startup, then you can try to open it as an “administrator”.