Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Fitness bracelet from the company Xiaomi is now at the peak of popularity. It is understandable, because it helps people who are watching their figure, to track their activity, pulse and count calories. A new generation of such devices has become even more high-tech. It has many additional useful functions. So, it’s easy to be in shape and stay mobile when there’s a Mi Band 2 gadget. Setting up this device does not take much time, and the benefits of using it are huge.

Description of the device
It has a strict laconic and at the same time stylish appearance of the device Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (factory settings of the device can be changed immediately after registration on the site).
The gadget has a thin rubber strap, in the middle of which is an electronic oval capsule. On the inside of the capsule is a sensor that monitors the pulse, and the outer part of the capsule screen shows the desired values. Has a flat glossy appearance.

To the fitness device you can buy a strap of any color. Electronics is extracted from the belt easily. Free can take place in the color straps of the new generation. And do not buy belts of the old model, because they are not fit here.
The main feature of Mi Band 2 (clock setting will help to include the necessary modes and run the gadget in the work) is a monochrome display of small sizes.
The touch-sensitive round button at the bottom of the screen allows you to control the settings of the device and starts the action in one-touch hands.
The screen contains information about the selected mode, time, incoming messages and calls.
The strap fastener is easy to attach and fastened securely. The strap itself does not interfere with sleep and active exercise in sports, fitness. It has a fairly large range, so people with any wrist width can wear it. The gadget is waterproof and has IP67 degree of protection. It is able to withstand temporary ingress of water and is sufficiently well protected from dust. You can not swim and swim with it.

Technical characteristics of the device
Mi Band 2 (setting the device will determine the degree of daily activity and the time spent on sleep) consists of a belt and an electronic capsule. The belt is made of silicone thermoplastic vulcanizate, and the capsule contains materials such as plastic and polycarbonate.
As mentioned above, the case of the device is IP67. There are two sensors. The first three-axis accelerometer, the second optical heart rate monitor. The gadget has the following functions:

Measurement of heart rate;
Accounting for the distance covered;
Amount of calories consumed;
Smart alarm clock ;
Sleep monitoring;
Notification of incoming calls, messages;
Unlock your smartphone or tablet.

The device has a monochrome OLED-display. Its diagonal is 0.42 inches. The instrument can be displayed either via the display or with a vibration motor. Together with the device is a lithium-polymer built-in battery with a capacity of 70 mA / h. Fitness watches can work offline for up to twenty days. The device has built-in Bluetooth 4.0 LE.
The unit can be used in the temperature range from -20 to +70 ° C. The dimensions of the electronic device are: 40.3 x 15.7 x 10.5 mm, and the weight of the electronic capsule without a belt is 7 g. There is compatibility with operating systems such as iOS 7 and Android 4.3. The length of the bracelet is 235 mm.
Model Mi Band 2 (time setting on the device is carried out in the first place) differs from other bracelet Xiaomi OLED-screen and touch controls. The gadget can work in a duet both with a smartphone and with a tablet.

Setting up the Mi Band 2 bracelet does not take much time, the main thing is to follow the instructions given in the instruction clearly. The bracelet is packed in a box of light brown cardboard. In the box is a recess in which an electronic capsule lies. Its upper part is covered with a special glass. Right under the capsule is located a bracelet along with instructions for using the device. Close to the capsule is a charger, which has a USB-connector.
The track is carefully removed from the belt and inserted into the charger. Contacts of products should fit snugly against each other. The USB connector is connected to an available USB 2.0 port on the computer or on the adapter. An electronic capsule is considered fully charged if all three indicators are lit on the case. The first charge of the device lasts about two hours. In the future, it takes less time to charge the device.
You can not try to charge the track in another way. Otherwise, it can burn. Do not insert the charger into the adapter, where the current is 2 amps. In this situation, it can be severely damaged.